Dani Front-End Design & Development

Simply GoodFats

Simply GoodFats is a new ketogenic diet product and lifestyle brand, founded by Naomi Whittel. During my time at Night Owls, I led the development and maintenance of an eCommerce website development on WooCommerce.


WooCommerce, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Sketch, InVision


Amidst the rise of ketogenic diet products, Simply GoodFats introduced their Organic MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) Oil with an educational approach. It was essential to educate and share with customers what the product actually is, as well as its origins and benefits. With many businesses, the objective was to raise brand awareness and increase sales.

Research Findings

Analytics of the eCommerce platform, research on website performance, and user feedback provided by the client were considered. Three findings (left) and their respective insights (right) are listed below.

Competitive Analysis

Since one of Simply GoodFats’ objective was to increase sales, along with continued sales, purchasing models such as "Subscribe & Save" and "Buy More & Save" were explored. Similar brands on the market have implemented easy-to-choose multi-quantity and subscription options, highlighting the dollar value saving or free shipping perk.

User browsing and purchasing behavior were studied on mobile devices. Data showed that excessive scrolling to find product information is discouraging, let alone the CTA (such as Add to Cart or Purchase).

Solutions Overview

New Purchasing Model

Simply GoodFats products being frequently replenish-able kitchen items, the "Buy More & Save" model was an appropriate addition. Customers get to purchase the same items at discounted prices and save on shipping fees.

Show Credibility

Coupled with the new buying option, variations (within brand guidelines) of official (and familiar) seals, certifications, and badges were added to ensure high quality of products and security in payment gateway—leveraging familiar visuals. In addition, PayPal Checkout, Apple Pay, and Google Pay were added as payment methods in the Checkout Page.

Call-to-Action Readily Available

Analytics showed that 1) 80% of Simply GoodFats’ visitors were browsing from their mobile devices and 2) very few of said visitors scroll past a certain threshold. Layout shifted/responded to the width of the browser to allow for any CTA to peak as close to the fold line—reducing the length of scroll and friction to accomplish task.