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Guidr is a map-based application that consolidates travel experiences, in the form of personal recommendations. A one-stop-shop platform that hosts travel advice, that is customized specifically for each traveler by his or her trusted friends and family.


How can sharing experiences with others enhance connectedness? I conceptualized a proof-of-concept that studies the impact of sharing personal experiences, specifically of travel.

In the midst of the “sharing economy era,” there’s been a shift in how my generation travels. We crave for the “road less traveled” and spend countless hours on research. Unfortunately, we’re faced with tourist traps and click-baits that offer no personalization or credibility to us.


User interviews and tests showed that users were willing to explore the unknown if they were recommended to them. Nobody questioned the obscurity of the recommendations. They had great trust in their community. A report by Nielson which stated that, “83% of respondents trust the recommendations of friends and family the most,” reinforces the efficacy of word-of-mouth and the fact that we view our peers’ opinions as credible and worthy.


Data reveals that my generation today is more inclined to share and crowd-source than to own. We’re in the “Uberization” period where open-source communities and peer-to-peer based sharing of goods and services are on the rise. People are sharing their personal belongings, cars, houses, and even experiences.

One study published by the Association of Psychological Science stated that, “because social interaction is one of the most important determinants of human happiness,” sharing your experiences with other people makes you feel connected to them.

This tool organizes various sources into a single platform — streamlining the research and mapping process, alleviating some of the stress of planning, and saving valuable travel time. Sharing a past moment of travel with someone can elicit connectedness. Even a bad experience can become a good story when shared.