Dani Kim


Poppy is a mobile application that keeps a digital copy of all your paper receipts. The idea of Poppy roots from a personal struggle of mine, where I tend to hoard countless number of receipts, with the fear that I'll need one of them one day. This mobile application allows the user to take a photo of their receipts, categorize them by vendor name and date, and simply store them on the application. Later on, the user can easily retrieve them by its chronological order.

Poppy is not a native mobile application but a hybrid application, a web application catered for mobile built with HTML, CSS, and jQuery. A 1080px 12-grid system is used to assure responsive design across devices. Apache Cordova's Phonegap was used to access Poppy on mobile devices. Phonegap's native plugins to access the device's camera, file system, and storage were used as well.

Source Code on Github